What's New?

A lot of businesses can get into a rut and stay there because they're afraid of change.  Always think of improving.

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What's New

Latest productions by W. Merical, Inc.  Who are they?  What do they do?

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Website Colors

Does the color scheme of your website make a difference?  What colors represent you in your office, shop or organization?

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Your Customers

Your clientele is what matters the most...right?  Our customers is what keeps us in business.  Are you Listening??



What's New:

It has always been our job to educate, help expand and promote other businesses.

A great satisfaction occurs each time a new client calls and brags about how much their business has improved with our help.

Sometimes our advice is asked for and sometimes we just give it.  We have been working with websites, online marketing and self-promoting since the mid-90's.  What worked before may not work now.  This is why it is imperative that you revisit your company's image, your message to the public and how and what people think of your business.

Even though Merical Marketing has been in business for several years...the message has always been the same, it's our look that has transpired over the years (while keeping our core in tact).

Our newest clients are:

Southern Outdoorsman, NC (proposed new site - new business)

  • Retail store
  • Hunting supplies
  • Fishing supplies

Teague's Home for Women, Morganton, Hickory, Lincolnton, NC

  • Homeless Women's Shelter
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Builds Self-Esteem & Confidence

Texoma Community Center, Sherman, TX

  • Helps individuals with ID/DD
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Federal & State Programs

The Ritz Salon, Morganton, Hickory, Lincolnton, NC

  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Unique Gifts
  • Personal attention

Eye Tech Optical, Morganton, Hickory, Lincolnton, NC

  • Eye wear, eyeglasses, frames, etc.
  • Sunglasses
  • Contacts
  • Dedicated to their customers

Renew an old site:

Sometimes it becomes necessary to repair, rediscover and sometimes give your website a complete make-over.  Repairs are normally very quick and easy - but if a site has sat too long on the internet, they can be hacked and damaged by servers, visitors and people who just want to copy it.  To rediscover your site, that's going through it very carefully to ensure the whole site tells the story or shows your visitors that best represents you.  If you or your company has change -- don't forget to change your website.

Custom Creations, Stedman, NC (old site)    Custom Creations (new proposed site)

  • Personalized T-shirts, blankets, bags, hats, shirts, etc.
  • Embroidery
  • Promotional Items
  • Business & Church Items
  • And much more...

Remember:  Always put your best foot forward!




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Website Design

It's very important to have a website that resembles who you are and what you represent.

Business Image

Your Business Image represent your company, organization, group, etc. when people can't see you.

Website Creations

Are you putting your best foot forward? Does your website reflect who you are?

Your Logo

When people see your logo - do they think of you without the words?

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Thinking ahead... Moving ahead... In business... Takes time, planning and patience.

... Moving Forward - With a Steady Hand - Always with Your Customers in Mind ... Is where the Money is!!