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Ever create a website and then couldn't find it?  How do you place a website in a prime location?

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Latest productions by W. Merical, Inc.  Who are they?  What do they do?

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Does the color scheme of your website make a difference?  What colors represent you in your office, shop or organization?

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Your clientele is what matters the most...right?  Our customers is what keeps us in business.  Are you Listening??



Websites - Where did it go?

Oh my word!!!  You've created a website from one of those sites online that tells you -- you can do it!!

Yes, they will be happy to take your money each month!  How much are you paying? 

You'll be lucky if it's only $5.00 a month.  And if your business isn't going so great - how many meals can you skip to make this payment?  The reason I said lucky is because some companies charge large sums of money each month.  I have better things to do than pay a company each month that expects me to do all the work.

Sorry, I may have gone on a rant...why?  Because it saddens me when good people pay out good money each month expecting a steady service, but instead they get an email with links to the company's website FAQ page...thinking this will please them. 

Let's see, what happens...

  1. You sign up for what you believe is an economic website for your business.  After all the price you saw was cheaper than the cost of all those monthly flyers in the paper.
  2. They take your money and send you an email with "Thanks" and a link that will give you instructions.
  3. You're all excited!!  I'm getting a website that is all mine and I'll become famous soon and make lots of money!!
  4. You go through a few "free" website templates.  You don't really like any of them, so you take the one that "best" suits you.
  5. Now you have to fill-in all the information.
  6. And, if you're knowledgeable, there are areas for coding.
  7. You spend a week working on the "look" and "content" of your "Home" page.  You've spent so much time on or when are you going to have the time to do any other pages? 
  8. In fact, you wonder ... Do I need any more pages???
  9. Now you're paying a monthly fee!  What does that fee include?  A free website or free domain name??  I know it will not include "free" hosting!!  That's an additional monthly cost.
  10. You chose a Doman name that "best" suits what you wanted it to say.  The one you really wanted "wasn't" available.
  11. You tell everyone about your "new" website!!  You get a lot of feedback - some good, some informative, some constructive, etc.
  12. Then in a couple of weeks -- those you bragged about your new site comes back to you and say:  Hey, I couldn't remember your domain name so I did a search...can't find you anywhere!!!
  13. So, you look for you in a can't find you!!  What's up with that???
  14. You think:  "Oh MG" - "I've fallen off the Internet!!"
  15. Nope, you didn't fall anywhere.  Your listening to someone else's website about your website.  And you're paying for it!!

If you cannot find your website on the Internet -- You need help!!!

It doesn't matter if you call Merical Marketing or someone else.  I suggest you get help soon!!!

If you ever considered hiring a company that will "help" you for $600.00 and up, per month to get your site noticed.  STOP!!  Let me just say, if you hire a webmaster worth their weight in gold, you can save that money for something important!!

Think about what you're going to say before your mouth opens.




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Website Design

It's very important to have a website that resembles who you are and what you represent.

Business Image

Your Business Image represent your company, organization, group, etc. when people can't see you.

Website Creations

Are you putting your best foot forward? Does your website reflect who you are?

Your Logo

When people see your logo - do they think of you without the words?

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